STAT is a school of life. It is the first professional martial arts academy in Portugal to offer specific training programs for every age. 

For the younger crowd, starting at age 4, the focus is on acquiring the skills and principles that will prepare them for excellence and leadership both in and outside the academy.

For older students, in addition to teaching the same life skills and principles, there is a natural tendency to veer towards physical fitness and conditioning while building a solid knowledge of technical components. 

The Principles we strive to teach through our classes include the following: Discipline, Respect, Self- Esteem, Honesty, Communication and Belief

Training at STAT is much more than training to become skilled at martial arts; our classes are designed to make our students skilled at Life.


Children at STAT are divided into two major age groups: Tigers (4-7 year olds) and Kids (7-13 year olds).

In these classes, our primary concern is to teach, through martial arts, the life skills that are necessary for successful character building.

While still providing fun and excitement, novelty and challenge, it is the aim of STAT instructors to become the biggest allies of parents in this important stage of their children’s development.  

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For Teens, ages 13-18, STAT offers a range of new challenges and requisites.

Our goal with this population is to provide them with the confidence to recognize that they are winners.

Physical conditioning, self-defense, agility, mental dexterity, leadership, and an inexterminable sense of Respect for others are the core characteristics of our young adult training.

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In our adult classes we use the life skills as a foundation for creating physically and mentally stimulating training sessions. We want our adult students to be strong individuals, both inwards and outwards. Adult classes at STAT are characterized by the excellent rapport between students and instructors, as well as being challenging enough to be motivating and encouraging, keeping the energy level high. They are designed for adults to feel both mentally and physically fit.

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Your work with kids and teenagers is extraordinary. Congratulations.”

— Maria T. C. A. (parent)
Best academy ever!!!!!
— Constança S. S. (student)
I’m an unconditional fan of STAT and the work that they do. I have had the privilege of watching sessions of all different kinds for all different ages and with different instructors and I know what I’m talking about. The STAT team is extraordinary.”

— — Ana D. B. (parent)

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